Posted on 27 Jul 2021
Expiring on 11 Aug 2021

Summary of role :

Responsible for assisting smooth operations and coordination during loading outbound goods from the warehouse to the stores. Hotline communications between the 3PL (TASCO) outbound team, transporters, hubs and the stores. Key person for the Delivery Manifest (DM) issuance to be accurate as per physical goods loading out from the warehouse. Assisting Checkers supervision so they are in good discipline and following standard procedures. Ensuring all outbound documentations were accurately prepared, recorded, tracked and reported to superiors. Team up with Outbound Supervisor and Clerks cum Checkers.

Job responsibilities :

Assisting Outbound Officer
• Assisting Outbound Officer for the Outbound Planning (Lorry Forecast, Routing and etc).
• Assisting coordination of PutOnHold/Resending/Diverting goods to other stores.
• Supervising and training Checkers for the handover and loading activities. Checkers backup.
• Hotline communications between the 3PL, transporters and the stores pertaining loading and delivery.

Updating Outbound Dashboard
• Updating the Outbound Online Dashboard of the daily loading activity to be visible to all interested parties.
• Data keeper of the Outbound Dashboard for the Transporter’s KPI – Loading Bays Clearance Tracking.
• Compiling and producing Monthly Report based upon the Dashboard Data.

Delivery Manifest (DM) Issuance
• Producing accurate Delivery Manifest (DM) as per actual physical handover by the 3PL (TASCO).
• Ensuring routes and DM splitting for the lorry trips to be optimised to the allowed maximum load per lorry.
• Adhering to the lorry load optimization process to eliminate extra trips for cost saving.

Other routine tasks
• Responsible for the issuance of the Lorry Seals to the Checkers in proper manner. Control Items.
• Lorry demand cancellation if overforecast and requesting extra lorry from the transporters if underforecast.
• Filing and tracking Incident Reports from the Checkers to be handed to the Inbound Assistants or Superiors.

Other ad hoc tasks
• Performing STOCK COUNT with the rest of CDC Team when required.
• Checkers back up when required.
• To perform any other work as and when required.

Additional Details

  • Location: Shah Alam, Selangor
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Timing / Shifts: 5.5 Day Week