IMMEDIATE HIRING! Supervisor - Tealive Outlets Nationwide

Posted on 04 Dec 2021
Expiring on 15 Dec 2021

RM 2000/ month

1. Minimum 1 year experience in F&B
2. Must have experience in managing a team (minimum 2 person)

Part 1 –Primary roles of the job which are measurable and may be used as part of KPIs.
1. Greet every customer with a big smile and enthusiasm.
2. Ensure every drink serves to customers are made with passion and have the highest quality standards.
3. Able to explain all Tealive products clearly to customers, and to promote/upsell Tealive products at all times.

Part 2 – Secondary roles which support the primary roles above
4. Punctuality.
5. Honest and responsible in every job position assigned to.
6. Comply with food-grade and food safety standards.
7. Flexibility to work in back and front of the house.
8. Follow SOPs, instruction from superiors, and rules and regulations set by the company.
9. Participate in staff meetings or training where applicable.
10. Maintain a positive mindset and teamwork spirit to achieve outlet goals.
11. Always take the extra mile to engage with customers.
12. Fulfill any duties from their seniors or superiors assigns in a professional manner.

Additional Details

  • Location: Various Locations, Various Locations
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Timing / Shifts: 6 Day Week

About the Employer

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